Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Blog!

Hi! I am Dolly a dachshund mix. Mom is glad that they call our breed Doxie because she has a hard time spelling dachshund. She adopted me from a shelter in Niles, IL called Wright-Way Rescue. She had never heard of the shelter when she found me on She was in mourning after her last cat Herb had just passed. She had wanted a dog for the last two years after losing her job when the economy tanked in 2008 desiring more companionship than an elderly cat. So she typed in her zip code and there I was! Me and my four litter mates, my name was Zola then and I was six weeks old.  Wright-Way Rescue operated differently than most shelters, in fact, they just had a write up on She was able to "reserve" me for a meet and greet when I made it to Niles and could be adopted. But there were a lot of complications. Wright-Way rescued my litter from a "humane" society shelter and we were in very poor condition and pretty sickly. It took us seven weeks before we could be adopted! But mom waited and she was so glad she did! When she saw me for the first time right away she said "Look how big her feet are!" Well, us Doxie's are known to have bigger front feet than back so she was pretty sure I wasn't going to be a HUGE dog. She loved my brown brindling on my face and paws and thought I was really cute. So her and Dad said we would take her right away and didn't even wait to get to know me. Which is good because I was very distracted with everything going on and didn't make the greatest first impression in the personality department,  As she cuddled me in her arms on the way home from the shelter she told Dad that she wanted to name me Dolly and that was that! Please stay tuned for the next installment of my new life! Love, Dolly.


  1. Hi Dolly! What a sweet story ub how u came to be ur mom's speshul gurl. U bery lucky. I'm glad we fwends. Good luck wif ur bloggie...shood be fun!


  2. Oh Dolly,
    I love your new blog, your a trailblazer:) How lovely to hear of your finding a loving family thanks to the shelter you were in. I do hope to hear more about lots of mishaps and goings on as the months go by!
    Lady Willowmena X