Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.!: The Finale!

This post is the last in my series about my adventure traveling to Washington DC with my Mom and Dad. After a long day of sightseeing with Mom and Dad all along the National Mall we arrived back at the hotel exhausted. Mom had grand plans about getting dressed up and going out to dinner. Many restaurants have outdoor patios that allow dogs but unfortunately it was way too cold to eat outside, which was unusual for DC this time of year. Some restaurants had heated patios but were farther than we wanted to travel. So with the aid of we found neighborhood restaurants with takeout. We just took a short walk, picked up dinner and brought it back to our hotel room. Which was fine with me because I do like to mooch at mealtime! Something I haven't mentioned before is that Mom and Dad had no plans to ever leave me in the hotel room by myself. Some guests did this and we could hear the dogs barking in the hallways. It wasn't something we ever considered doing.

The next day mom didn't even attempt to take me for a nice long walk before breakfast, due to my uncooperativeness the day before. I call it a misunderstanding. So the three of us took off for a short morning walk and got breakfast to go. Dad had also had it with my "behavior" the day before and made me wear my pinch collar. I really hate it when one would go in to get the food and I have to wait outside with the other. I would do my best to let mom or dad know this but they still continued doing it the rest of the trip.

Which brings me to the real shocker. Mom and Dad made plans to split up for the day. Something about going places where dogs couldn't go so they were going to take turns. After breakfast dad left and he didn't come back! I was so upset! Then mom made me wear my pinch collar again and leave the hotel. But I couldn't do that, what if dad came home and I wasn't there? But mom had tricks up her sleeve or should I say treats in her pocket. She tried walking me away from the hotel and I kept trying to walk back. She would pull me, I would sit down, she would then pick me up and put me down. But when I wouldn't move instead of pulling me she put a treat in front of my nose. Oh boy! I really wanted that treat but I had to walk to get it, once I started walking I would but I had to keep moving. Mom thought she was rewarding me for walking. If I stopped, another treat! But I had to walk to get it. This kept happening over and over and the amount of walking in between treats got longer and longer. Next thing you know I forgot about Dad and the hotel and started to enjoy my walk with mom, meaning I was doing a lot of sniffing. Mom told dad later that we walked all the way up Embassy Row. After a really long walk we went back the way we came and them mom started taking a different route. We did this for a long time, with mom taking her map out and looking at it a lot.  After awhile we made a turn and I stopped. We were going the wrong way! I tried to tell mom by going back and she looked at the map again. Sure enough she followed me and we were only a block from the hotel! Walking straight towards us was Dad! I took off, despite the leash, so mom dropped it and I ran to dad and did my happy dance.

After a rest it was time for lunch. We took a short walk and I waited with Dad while Mom got the food. We ate in the park at DuPont Circle, it was really nice. I thought we were walking back to the hotel when a car stopped at the curb and mom got in. I started to follow her but dad held me back. No! Off she went without me! I was so upset but Dad doesn't put up with as much of my misbehavior as Mom and we were back at the hotel before you knew it. I acted up for a long time whining and wanting to go look for her but finally I gave in and took a nice long nap with Dad on the bed. Before you knew it, Mom walked in the door. Happy dance! The pack was back together again!

That night we did dinner the same as the night before, with a walk to get food, and eating in our room. I really liked being together all the time like that. The next morning we did breakfast the same way too. Except when we got back to the hotel Mom and Dad were both really busy putting things back in boxes and bags. Then a nice man came with a cart and put all of our things on it. We got on the elevator, it was really crowded, and there was dad waiting for us in front with the car. I jumped in and mom hooked up my harness like we were going for a long drive again.

We were on the open road again! One time at a stop I was waiting patiently for dad to get back and he had ice cream! And I had my own spoon! It was so yummy!

Waiting for Dad

After a really long time I was beginning to wonder when I was going to get my dinner. Every once in awhile Mom would give me some peanut butter dog treats but I wanted my dinner. It was dark, and I was homesick and tired.

Finally, we were home! I was so excited to see my backyard I started to do zoomie circles all around it and then my happy dance. We got upstairs and mom gave me my dinner, I ate it all up right away! Ahhh, next thing you know I was laying on the couch watching TV with my pack. Who would of thought that a little dog from an unwanted litter would get adopted, go on a trip with people, stay in a real hotel and see historical sights? Love, Dolly

P.S. If you want to follow my trip on Twitter just search on #dollysroadtrip and you'll see all the tweets and photos I sent.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Part Four

On my last blog post Mom, Dad, and I, had just spent the first night at our hotel in Washington DC. Mom received a huge jolt of reality about separation anxiety when she tried to take me for a walk in the morning without dad, so when they left for sightseeing they thought they were well prepared for any of my behavior. We will see about that! Our plans for the day were to visit the National Mall, or as I call it, the National Dog Park, the monuments, and the museums, all on foot, with me. We began with a walk from our hotel to DuPont Circle and from there headed south towards the Mall. It was just like taking a walk in the city back home with people and traffic so I was very comfortable doing this, It was great because I was right between Mom and Dad. After a long walk we came to Pennsylvania Avenue and since mom and dad knew the President lived on that street we turned and headed for a visit. Before long we came to this great big white house, and wait, I saw a dog running across the South Lawn! Oh my dog! It was Bo, I would recognize him anywhere! Mom got really excited and got her camera out but by then he was out of sight. Good work mom!

 After the White House we stopped for a break at a statue where lots of people were walking around, sitting and feeding the squirrels. SQUIRREL!! I lept after him and swear I could taste his tail but he was gone, thanks to me wearing a leash. People cried out, "That dog almost got that squirrel!" Almost being the problem here. Right after that we reached the National Dog Park and it was huge! Way too much room for a little ole doggie like me. 

The beautiful World War II Memorial was next so we went to visit and pay our respects to those who lost their lives. Mom and Dad's dads, my grandpas, were both veterans. 

What, you're not suppose to drink the water? 

Next we walked all the way to this big building at the top of a lot of stairs. I met two doggies there, they were nice. We walked all the way to the top of the stairs and I got to see President Lincoln.

Next to the Lincoln Memorial was the Korean War Memorial. We saw the dog picture for the first time with the line through it. There was a volunteer who stopped us and said that we would have to carry me or take turns. Well, since mom thinks I am too heavy Dad went first. Mom tried telling the volunteer that I was a service dog. Well, I got insulted big time because he said hounds are never service dogs, Labs usually are, because we smell too much. How did he know that? He has a beagle, end of story. We found out then that I wasn't suppose to be up at the Lincoln Memorial, oops. We saw the Viet Nam War Memorial next, which had the sign again about no dogs but since there wasn't a volunteer I got to walk with mom down the wall of names that lost their lives. I sincerely apologize to all of them for taking a potty break on the grass there. After way too much walking we finally stopped for a break, and mom gave me French Fries, yummy. Dad wanted to go in a big building for awhile so I behaved very badly for mom while we waited, then she went in. I made sure she could hear me whining until the door closed behind her.

We walked a whole bunch more and I kept bumping into the back of mom and dad's legs to let them know I was tired and ready to go back to the hotel. Then we got into a car and it was really exciting because mom and dad got into the back seat with me while another man in the front seat drove us to our hotel.

I was so glad to see those hotel doors open for me! I was ready for a nice long nap! Mom and Dad don't ever take me on such a long walk again, even though I was with you two the whole time and I loved every mintue of it! Stay tuned for another day in Washington DC! Love, Dolly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Part Three

When we left off in Part Two I had just gotten to Washington DC! Mom and Dad were very excited so I was too! We checked in to our hotel The Carlyle Suites located in the DuPont Circle neighborhood. It had been an apartment building converted to a hotel so it was like being at home. I had gotten very good with the automatic doors by now I would just walk right up to the doors and ta da! they opened. Then we would go up in an elevator all the way to the eight floor. When the elevator moved I would lay down because it was kind of scary for me and I never got used to it. We had a little kitchen in our room which meant we could cook our own meals. There was also a grocery store located nearby so our first adventure in DC was to walk to the store. It was great fun so many new smells and lots of new dogs to sniff and get to know. When we got to the store Dad went in and I was suppose to wait outside with mom. I got very upset about this and mom could not make me feel better no matter what. Finally Dad came out and I was happy again. Since I wasn't allowed in restaurants mom and dad had their first dinner at the hotel which was great for me because I am a terrible moocher and they had chicken which is my favorite! It had also been such a long day visiting Gettysburg and the drive here that I was really exhausted so we had an early night to rest up before walking to see all the sights the next day.

Walking with Dad to hotel.

The next morning mom got up early to take me for a walk like we always do back home. She had packed special outfits to wear on our morning walks to explore the city. She even put on makeup before we went out and I was wearing my new ComfortFlex harness. There was a dog park right down the street from out hotel so mom made it our first destination. Out we went to explore the neighborhood but wait I didn't want to go at all! After a few pulls and come on Dolly! she finally picked me up and carried me to the end of the block. I turned around and headed back for the hotel. So she picked me up again and carried me across the street and put me down outside the dog park. I turned around again and headed for the hotel and she pulled me back. There were lots of smells so I did decide I had to pee and I took care of that but I was not willing to go anywhere else. Mom did not give up though. She picked me up and carried me to the dog park gate. I recognized it from the one back home and since I refuse to go in that one I sure as heck wasn't going to go in this one. So I headed back to the hotel. Mom fought me again and tried to get me to walk around the dog park, in the opposite direction of the hotel. She picked me up and carried me again. This time when she put me down it was in the direction of the hotel. I was happy then and headed back to the hotel. Mom came with me this time. Back in our room I was so excited to see Dad! He didn't come with us on our walk which is why I didn't want to go, couldn't mom see that? Mom was very angry with me because she didn't get to see anything and take pictures but that was okay with me because we were getting ready to go out together and explore Washington D.C.! Stay tuned for the next episode of Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Love Dolly.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Part Two

After our long drive from Chicago and an overnight stay in Chambersburg, the next morning my Mom and Dad drove a shorter distance to Gettysburg. It was a beautiful drive through the Allegheny Mountains, Caledonia State Park and we even crossed the Appalachian Trail. Just before entering Gettysburg we saw part of the national park so stopped and checked out some of the memorials. We were in an area known as McPherson's Ridge where the first battle took place.

My first look at the battlefield!

Mom and Dad liked what we saw so we drove into town to the National Park Service Visitor's Center to find out about taking the tour. At the Visitor's Center we had a long walk to a building that didn't allow dogs, so I had to sit outside with Mom, while Dad went inside. This is where the separation anxiety was starting to get to be a problem. I don't want to stay outside with either of them I want both of them to be with me so I really misbehave.  I whine and pull and try to follow Dad into the museum. Mom is very nice, she talks to me and pets me while trying to keep me sitting at her side.  That works until a stranger walks by or wants to say hello to the cute dog (me). I will growl or sometimes bark if I don't like the looks of someone. Plus Dad was already upset with how I behaved earlier when we got out of the car. I was wearing the short leash that attaches to my Kurgo harness so I was pulling everywhere if one or the other walked away to look at something. Since that didn't work mom put my new ComfortFlex harness on that she got at her favorite store for little dogs called Golly Gear. She didn't want me to wear the pinch collar so that people would think she was being mean to me.

Walking with mom to the National Park Service Visitor's Center 

After Mom and Dad were done in the Visitor's Center, and with the pack intact, we started the auto tour of the National Military Park. We'd drive a little bit then stop, sometimes Mom or Dad or both would get out, and not always take me them, which would lead to a lot of whining in the car. But when I did get out of the car I had a great time! There were lots of people around and dogs too. It was hard to keep Mom and Dad on each side of me but I tried by pulling around a lot, it was a real fight in my new harness. Mom figured out fast to just grab me by the harness and move me if I didn't want to come with her.

Mom and me at Eternal Light Peace Memorial
paying respects to lives lost in Civil War.
Little Round Top overlooking battlefields.

We took all day doing the tour then we drove for a long time again. We were in Maryland, I had never been there before! Before you knew it we stopped and mom said "We're here!" I was in Washington D.C.! I was so excited and couldn't wait too see the National Dog Park and all the monuments. Stay tuned for Part 3 of Dolly Goes to Washington DC to read how it all goes. For more information on Gettysburg and the auto tour at Gettysburg National Military Park visit We highly recommend it as a dog-friendly trip!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Part One

This is the first part of a series of blogs about my vacation with Mom and Dad to our nation's capitol Washington DC.

It all began for me one day that seemed to me like any other day. First, I got to go with mom to run errands in the car and ended up being dragged into the place where they trim my toenails. Yikes! After we got home I got to go for a walk but when we came in the door mom dragged me, again, to the basement for a bath. Double yikes! Then she spent all day doing laundry and putting things in bags and boxes. The next morning Mom and Dad were up early which is normal, but mom didn't take me for a walk, I only got to go in the back yard. Both were busy putting things in more bags and boxes and going in and outside. I started to get worried until I heard those magic words "Ride in the car?"

Checking to make sure I packed everything!

I got really excited then, I started wagging my tail and running around, I was so happy because I knew I was going with mom and dad somewhere I just didn't know where! I got to the car only to be disappointed to be put in the backseat, and oh no, put in my Kurgo harness. I really wanted to be up front with mom and dad. But there were blankets and a bed it was really nice! I settled down right away for the drive.

Let's go!
Ahhh sun! I'm getting sleepy!

Oh my dog! It was a long ride! First it was like we were going to Grandma's in Indiana because we stopped at the place for me to go potty where I've been before. We drove for a really long time, Mom and Dad stopped a lot and I got to get out and meet some other dogs who were traveling too. After awhile I had slept enough and got a little restless. Mom got me this dog harness set up by Kurgo where I have a harness that hooks up to a zip line across the backseat. So I can move around all over the back but found out I had just enough length to stand shotgun between mom and dad on the center arm rest and watch where we were going. I also got lots of pets and hugs and gave kisses and nuzzells back. I also could look out all the windows and sometimes the window would open and I could smell things too. Mom gave me a Nylabone but I wasn't in the mood for that so just relaxed and waited to see what was going to happen.

Okay, I admit, I'm not perfect. When either mom or dad would leave the car I freaked out. I wanted my pack together and my separation anxiety sort of became an issue on the trip. I will confess to more of this later on.

Finally we stopped at a hotel called LaQuinta. I saw other dogs there too! I rode in an elevator for the first time and learned a new trick. We had two beds and I could jump from one to the other without jumping down and then back up. Cool! The next morning I got to go in the car again and we were off! A few hours laters we came to a town called Gettysburg where a famous Civil War battle took place. We were going to spend the day there and learn about history. It sounded like fun to me because we were going to be in the car the whole time and go for little walks inbetween. What a perfect day, car, walks, mom and dad, what more could a little Doxie mix rescue ask for?

This ends Part One of Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Stay tuned for more of my exciting adventure!