Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Part One

This is the first part of a series of blogs about my vacation with Mom and Dad to our nation's capitol Washington DC.

It all began for me one day that seemed to me like any other day. First, I got to go with mom to run errands in the car and ended up being dragged into the place where they trim my toenails. Yikes! After we got home I got to go for a walk but when we came in the door mom dragged me, again, to the basement for a bath. Double yikes! Then she spent all day doing laundry and putting things in bags and boxes. The next morning Mom and Dad were up early which is normal, but mom didn't take me for a walk, I only got to go in the back yard. Both were busy putting things in more bags and boxes and going in and outside. I started to get worried until I heard those magic words "Ride in the car?"

Checking to make sure I packed everything!

I got really excited then, I started wagging my tail and running around, I was so happy because I knew I was going with mom and dad somewhere I just didn't know where! I got to the car only to be disappointed to be put in the backseat, and oh no, put in my Kurgo harness. I really wanted to be up front with mom and dad. But there were blankets and a bed it was really nice! I settled down right away for the drive.

Let's go!
Ahhh sun! I'm getting sleepy!

Oh my dog! It was a long ride! First it was like we were going to Grandma's in Indiana because we stopped at the place for me to go potty where I've been before. We drove for a really long time, Mom and Dad stopped a lot and I got to get out and meet some other dogs who were traveling too. After awhile I had slept enough and got a little restless. Mom got me this dog harness set up by Kurgo where I have a harness that hooks up to a zip line across the backseat. So I can move around all over the back but found out I had just enough length to stand shotgun between mom and dad on the center arm rest and watch where we were going. I also got lots of pets and hugs and gave kisses and nuzzells back. I also could look out all the windows and sometimes the window would open and I could smell things too. Mom gave me a Nylabone but I wasn't in the mood for that so just relaxed and waited to see what was going to happen.

Okay, I admit, I'm not perfect. When either mom or dad would leave the car I freaked out. I wanted my pack together and my separation anxiety sort of became an issue on the trip. I will confess to more of this later on.

Finally we stopped at a hotel called LaQuinta. I saw other dogs there too! I rode in an elevator for the first time and learned a new trick. We had two beds and I could jump from one to the other without jumping down and then back up. Cool! The next morning I got to go in the car again and we were off! A few hours laters we came to a town called Gettysburg where a famous Civil War battle took place. We were going to spend the day there and learn about history. It sounded like fun to me because we were going to be in the car the whole time and go for little walks inbetween. What a perfect day, car, walks, mom and dad, what more could a little Doxie mix rescue ask for?

This ends Part One of Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Stay tuned for more of my exciting adventure!


  1. Very cool, Dolly! We nebber herd of Kurgo Harness! I hazza booster seet in da back seet & mom hazza hammock-type cover dat keeps me from getting up front. Anyways, I like dat set-up okay. I can see out da window reel gud from my booster. Izn't it so much fun to stay in motels? Wheeee?

  2. Mom found my harness on the Internet. She wanted to find me a booster seat but likes this because it can be used in front seat too. Motels are fun I liked jumping from one bed to another whee!