Monday, October 22, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Part Four

On my last blog post Mom, Dad, and I, had just spent the first night at our hotel in Washington DC. Mom received a huge jolt of reality about separation anxiety when she tried to take me for a walk in the morning without dad, so when they left for sightseeing they thought they were well prepared for any of my behavior. We will see about that! Our plans for the day were to visit the National Mall, or as I call it, the National Dog Park, the monuments, and the museums, all on foot, with me. We began with a walk from our hotel to DuPont Circle and from there headed south towards the Mall. It was just like taking a walk in the city back home with people and traffic so I was very comfortable doing this, It was great because I was right between Mom and Dad. After a long walk we came to Pennsylvania Avenue and since mom and dad knew the President lived on that street we turned and headed for a visit. Before long we came to this great big white house, and wait, I saw a dog running across the South Lawn! Oh my dog! It was Bo, I would recognize him anywhere! Mom got really excited and got her camera out but by then he was out of sight. Good work mom!

 After the White House we stopped for a break at a statue where lots of people were walking around, sitting and feeding the squirrels. SQUIRREL!! I lept after him and swear I could taste his tail but he was gone, thanks to me wearing a leash. People cried out, "That dog almost got that squirrel!" Almost being the problem here. Right after that we reached the National Dog Park and it was huge! Way too much room for a little ole doggie like me. 

The beautiful World War II Memorial was next so we went to visit and pay our respects to those who lost their lives. Mom and Dad's dads, my grandpas, were both veterans. 

What, you're not suppose to drink the water? 

Next we walked all the way to this big building at the top of a lot of stairs. I met two doggies there, they were nice. We walked all the way to the top of the stairs and I got to see President Lincoln.

Next to the Lincoln Memorial was the Korean War Memorial. We saw the dog picture for the first time with the line through it. There was a volunteer who stopped us and said that we would have to carry me or take turns. Well, since mom thinks I am too heavy Dad went first. Mom tried telling the volunteer that I was a service dog. Well, I got insulted big time because he said hounds are never service dogs, Labs usually are, because we smell too much. How did he know that? He has a beagle, end of story. We found out then that I wasn't suppose to be up at the Lincoln Memorial, oops. We saw the Viet Nam War Memorial next, which had the sign again about no dogs but since there wasn't a volunteer I got to walk with mom down the wall of names that lost their lives. I sincerely apologize to all of them for taking a potty break on the grass there. After way too much walking we finally stopped for a break, and mom gave me French Fries, yummy. Dad wanted to go in a big building for awhile so I behaved very badly for mom while we waited, then she went in. I made sure she could hear me whining until the door closed behind her.

We walked a whole bunch more and I kept bumping into the back of mom and dad's legs to let them know I was tired and ready to go back to the hotel. Then we got into a car and it was really exciting because mom and dad got into the back seat with me while another man in the front seat drove us to our hotel.

I was so glad to see those hotel doors open for me! I was ready for a nice long nap! Mom and Dad don't ever take me on such a long walk again, even though I was with you two the whole time and I loved every mintue of it! Stay tuned for another day in Washington DC! Love, Dolly.


  1. Eggsalent trip bloggie, Dolly! Yoo got ta see so many cool pwaces. I nebber been to any ub dem & I liffs not so far. Yoo sure duz gots a nice mom & dad. So glad yoo had fun & so glad we iz fwends. Hugs & kisses!

  2. Thanks AJ and Connie! I was a very lucky dog, maybe you get to go on a trip someday too!

  3. Hey Dolly, Sure sounds like you had a busy, fascinating trip! Thanks for sharing your adventures!