Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Part Three

When we left off in Part Two I had just gotten to Washington DC! Mom and Dad were very excited so I was too! We checked in to our hotel The Carlyle Suites located in the DuPont Circle neighborhood. It had been an apartment building converted to a hotel so it was like being at home. I had gotten very good with the automatic doors by now I would just walk right up to the doors and ta da! they opened. Then we would go up in an elevator all the way to the eight floor. When the elevator moved I would lay down because it was kind of scary for me and I never got used to it. We had a little kitchen in our room which meant we could cook our own meals. There was also a grocery store located nearby so our first adventure in DC was to walk to the store. It was great fun so many new smells and lots of new dogs to sniff and get to know. When we got to the store Dad went in and I was suppose to wait outside with mom. I got very upset about this and mom could not make me feel better no matter what. Finally Dad came out and I was happy again. Since I wasn't allowed in restaurants mom and dad had their first dinner at the hotel which was great for me because I am a terrible moocher and they had chicken which is my favorite! It had also been such a long day visiting Gettysburg and the drive here that I was really exhausted so we had an early night to rest up before walking to see all the sights the next day.

Walking with Dad to hotel.

The next morning mom got up early to take me for a walk like we always do back home. She had packed special outfits to wear on our morning walks to explore the city. She even put on makeup before we went out and I was wearing my new ComfortFlex harness. There was a dog park right down the street from out hotel so mom made it our first destination. Out we went to explore the neighborhood but wait I didn't want to go at all! After a few pulls and come on Dolly! she finally picked me up and carried me to the end of the block. I turned around and headed back for the hotel. So she picked me up again and carried me across the street and put me down outside the dog park. I turned around again and headed for the hotel and she pulled me back. There were lots of smells so I did decide I had to pee and I took care of that but I was not willing to go anywhere else. Mom did not give up though. She picked me up and carried me to the dog park gate. I recognized it from the one back home and since I refuse to go in that one I sure as heck wasn't going to go in this one. So I headed back to the hotel. Mom fought me again and tried to get me to walk around the dog park, in the opposite direction of the hotel. She picked me up and carried me again. This time when she put me down it was in the direction of the hotel. I was happy then and headed back to the hotel. Mom came with me this time. Back in our room I was so excited to see Dad! He didn't come with us on our walk which is why I didn't want to go, couldn't mom see that? Mom was very angry with me because she didn't get to see anything and take pictures but that was okay with me because we were getting ready to go out together and explore Washington D.C.! Stay tuned for the next episode of Dolly Goes to Washington D.C.! Love Dolly.


  1. Oooh Dolly, yoo wuzza bad liddle girl! Why yoo didn't want to go exploring dat day? Wuz yoo outta gas? BOL!

  2. We left Dad behind in the hotel I wanted him with us that's it. Pretty rotten wasn't I?