Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black and White Sunday: Before the Storm

Winter arrived here in our Windy City, snow on Thursday, if only an inch or so, and an ice storm today. So we chose this picture of me enjoying some winter sunshine in the park before our winter actually became winter.

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Coats

Mom is very upset with me this morning. Yesterday a package came for me, it was from, with two new coats. Mom was so excited she spent lots of time, and money, trying to find me something to wear for our walks when its really cold out.

The first one she tried on me is the fuchsia fleece by Ruffwear. It has reflective piping and a zipper, which mom found very hard to start. But the fit is nice and roomy and covers me up good, even my bare tummy. I don't look very happy with it though do I?

The second coat she got is by Hurtta, for the active outdoor dog, which mom must think I am. I don't like it at all but Mom loves it. She likes the way the flap folds under and a belt adjusts around my middle. There are elastic bands that my back legs go through keeping the coat down, which is what I don't like the most. It doesn't cover up my tummy at all though.

So this morning mom and I were up early and I new she was going to try and put that coat on me so it took lots of coaxing, chasing, and some treats to get me in the back porch and get ready to go outside. She was so excited it was finally snowing out! I did not cooperate at all! She has been trying this new trick lately when I don't want to walk. She drops my leash, after making sure it is safe, and then walks off without me! She got me most of the way down the alley that way with a few treats then I turned and headed for home. She took the leash off me so I could do a quick potty in the backyard and then we went inside. She has ignored me ever since. But that's okay I went back to bed. 

If any of my followers can understand what we are going through and have any advice we would greatly appreciate your comments! Love, Dolly 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby its cold outside!

Boy, now mom sure understands what real moms go through when their kids can't go to school or outside! We are having a bitter cold spell in snowless Chicago and mom thinks its too cold for walks. She may be right. On Saturday I had a great long play with all my friends some I hadn't seen in ages. But on Sunday it started to get really cold so I only got one afternoon walk. On Monday mom got all bundled up after lunch since I was giving her all of my signs for going on a walk, like dragging out her special walking socks. We hadn't even made it off our block and I barely had time for a quick pee when I yanked on the leash to let her know we were going home now! Tuesday still no walk at all so I am bouncing off the walls! We have made several trips outside and I have done some zoomies and let her chase me with the ball but I still just have too much energy!  I even did the walk to the gate and gave her the over the shoulder look but no walk. I am used to two hour plus walks a day, including doggie playing and fetch, now one walk in three days! I see the sun shining outside and don't understand about it being too cold for a walk.

I love the snow but so far this winter we have had only a small amount. I still get lots of walks in the snow, mom puts musher's wax on my feet to protect them from snowballing and salt. My first winter my feet would get icy and I would cry for mom's help. She'd warm my feet or carry me home. Then she heard about musher's wax and now I can stay out and play for a long time. But its not snow its the cold and since I won't wear a coat no walk. 
My first winter we had a huge blizzard! I loved playing in the snow! I even had a little coat but I outgrew it.

You think I am going to wear this?
This is my replacement that I got two Christmases ago and I wore it one or two times. This winter it is too small for me so I refused to go for my walk in it.

I must be doing a pretty good job of being annoying today, especially when mom is at the computer trying to type. So she went online and spent a lot of time trying to find the right coat for me that would fit and I would wear.
Stay tuned to see if I wear my new coats when they arrive or if I give mom one of these looks again!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black and White Sunday: Summer?

I think I am on to something using photos from warmer days on a day that the temperature is in single digits. Too cold for me to go for a walk (because I won't wear a coat). Don't let the picture fool you. I know mom is very disappointed in me but I do not like the water.  My second summer was a hot one and she thought the pool was a good idea to help me keep cool. I only got my feet wet.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dogs of Portage Park: BJ and Daisy

John and Daisy on left, Ed and Zoe on right.

The first time mom and I saw BJ we thought he was the worst looking dog we had ever seen. It was impossible to tell that he was a Lab mix mostly blonde because he was very elderly and in bad shape.  His fur was coarse and he had several large tumors on his body which was saggy and boney. But every morning him and his owner John would stroll into the park and join our group.  Some of the younger dogs would give poor BJ a hard time and he would go after them. John would just say "Aw he's old he just wants to be left alone." And it was true, we weren't sure how much time the old guy had left. Mom wasn't taking pictures then so I am sorry to say I don't have a picture of BJ.

BJ stayed around for a lot longer than we expected. John took him to the vet for his annual checkup and the vet thought he was in good shape considering his age, which was estimated to be around 13. One day we were walking around the park when John walked over to clean up some poop and we overheard one of the funniest things ever said in our group. Muttering under his breath while pulling a baggie from one of those containers that attached to the leash he commented, "1200 bags don't die on me now dog." John is known to be a bit frugal.

Well, like all good dogs go, BJ did leave us.  Mom lost track of the group last summer when she was working part time. One morning there was John with a new dog! Then the others told us that BJ had gone OTRB. Mom offered John her condolences and he replied in his gruff voice, "Aw he was old and he died." End of story and time to move on with Daisy. Adopted from PAWS Chicago, she's a sweet Lab mix with tons of energy, loves to chase balls, and roll over on your feet causing you to trip.

Daisy with the morning group while I get a good morning sniff by BFF Casey.
Recently, after just returning from vacation mom was taking me to the park when we got to the busy street where the cars don't let us cross. There was Bleu and Finola's mom Sharon walking Daisy to another car! John had gotten into a car accident coming home from the park. He pulled out in front of a car he couldn't see. We helped Sharon get Daisy in her mom's car, she wouldn't go in the back, then mom told them that she always rode in front, she got in then.  We all went to see how John was doing. He felt terrible because the accident was his fault but we were just glad that him and Daisy were okay. Daisy has been a bit of a handful for John. A lot of us in the group have been trying to give support in her training. She probably should not be off leash but she is and she still pulls terrible on the leash. Now John is the one that is just old and probably not up to training a young dog, but she has a loving home, lost of friends, and walks in the park every day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Black and White Sunday: Summer

After just getting back from a walk where temperatures had dropped from the 50s to the 20s and sidewalks were icy, I decided to use a picture from the summer. Mom and I had gone on a Sunday morning walk later than usual on a day that had turned very hot already. Mom realized we had over done it when I kept laying down in the shade not moving. Unable to get me to walk the rest of the way home, and worried she had given me heat stroke, she called dad and next thing you know there he was in his truck to take us home. Winning!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dogs of Portage Park: Cora and Lola

Cora and Lola are two of my best pals at the park. I didn't see them much over the summer because mom's schedule changed our walk times.  So it was great to start seeing them again in the Autumn. Lola and Cora make quite an odd couple walking with their owner Mike. Mike is an elderly widower and retired so he has lots of time to walk the dogs. I see them almost every afternoon and we like each other a lot. Tails start wagging, we all start pulling on our leashes then Mike lets Cora off of her leash. She's the St. Bernard and had a very tragic story.  Cora is very shy, she will not let anyone near her, she will back away as soon as you move towards her. Not too much is known of her story but its not hard to figure it out. Mike would visit his son in Boulder, CO. During one visit the son was fostering a puppy from a St. Bernard rescue group. During two visits all he saw was a puppy hiding in a bedroom. The second visit he brought Cora home and the rest is history.  For some reason Cora and I hit it off right away. We are quite a sight to see with Cora loping around and me jumping in her face to get her to play. She likes other dogs pretty well but in a pack she always stays on the outside of the group and watches. That's why I always like to go and play with her so she doesn't feel left out. I like her packmate Lola a lot too. I don't have a good picture of her. She's a full Boxer with upright ears and grey muzzle. She likes mom a little too much for my tastes, I don't like it when she cuddles up to her and I try to stay inbetween. Lola doesn't get along with a lot of other dogs so she stays on her leash most of the time. But we like each other a lot. All dogs like me because I am so sweet and submissive. Cora and Lola are two very special friends and are a very special part of Portage Park.
Love, Dolly xoxox

Wordless Wednesday: The Odd Couple

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Year

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are blogging about the new year and I haven't posted anything. What's there to say? It is my third one I will be three years old this June and so far I think I have accomplished a lot for such a little doggie. I went on vacation with Mom and Dad to Washington, D.C., I have lots of friends at the park, mom lets me walk with her off leash there (when its empty), I've got a blog and now I'm on Facebook! It is hard to imagine what the new year can bring for me! I know that mom wants to go back to work full time, I am okay with that. I am grown up now and don't mind staying at home by myself. But I have been thinking of things that I can do better since I know I'm not perfect so here is my list:

Dolly's Improvement List:

  1. Don't be possessive of Mom around other dogs (except when she has treats no dog can do that).
  2. Don't chew up new squeaker toys the first day.
  3. Sniff less on walks so Mom doesn't have to stand and wait so much.
  4. Don't eat things I find from sniffing.
  5. Stop sitting down when Mom walks me to tell her I don't want to go.
  6. Wear a coat when it is cold.
  7. Stop being stubborn.

Well, that's a good start. But if I changed all of that what would Mom have to do?

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See you around in 2013! 

Love, Dolly xoxox