Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Year

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are blogging about the new year and I haven't posted anything. What's there to say? It is my third one I will be three years old this June and so far I think I have accomplished a lot for such a little doggie. I went on vacation with Mom and Dad to Washington, D.C., I have lots of friends at the park, mom lets me walk with her off leash there (when its empty), I've got a blog and now I'm on Facebook! It is hard to imagine what the new year can bring for me! I know that mom wants to go back to work full time, I am okay with that. I am grown up now and don't mind staying at home by myself. But I have been thinking of things that I can do better since I know I'm not perfect so here is my list:

Dolly's Improvement List:

  1. Don't be possessive of Mom around other dogs (except when she has treats no dog can do that).
  2. Don't chew up new squeaker toys the first day.
  3. Sniff less on walks so Mom doesn't have to stand and wait so much.
  4. Don't eat things I find from sniffing.
  5. Stop sitting down when Mom walks me to tell her I don't want to go.
  6. Wear a coat when it is cold.
  7. Stop being stubborn.

Well, that's a good start. But if I changed all of that what would Mom have to do?

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See you around in 2013! 

Love, Dolly xoxox


  1. Funny! My list looks almost the same! Have a great year Dolly!