Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dogs of Portage Park: BJ and Daisy

John and Daisy on left, Ed and Zoe on right.

The first time mom and I saw BJ we thought he was the worst looking dog we had ever seen. It was impossible to tell that he was a Lab mix mostly blonde because he was very elderly and in bad shape.  His fur was coarse and he had several large tumors on his body which was saggy and boney. But every morning him and his owner John would stroll into the park and join our group.  Some of the younger dogs would give poor BJ a hard time and he would go after them. John would just say "Aw he's old he just wants to be left alone." And it was true, we weren't sure how much time the old guy had left. Mom wasn't taking pictures then so I am sorry to say I don't have a picture of BJ.

BJ stayed around for a lot longer than we expected. John took him to the vet for his annual checkup and the vet thought he was in good shape considering his age, which was estimated to be around 13. One day we were walking around the park when John walked over to clean up some poop and we overheard one of the funniest things ever said in our group. Muttering under his breath while pulling a baggie from one of those containers that attached to the leash he commented, "1200 bags don't die on me now dog." John is known to be a bit frugal.

Well, like all good dogs go, BJ did leave us.  Mom lost track of the group last summer when she was working part time. One morning there was John with a new dog! Then the others told us that BJ had gone OTRB. Mom offered John her condolences and he replied in his gruff voice, "Aw he was old and he died." End of story and time to move on with Daisy. Adopted from PAWS Chicago, she's a sweet Lab mix with tons of energy, loves to chase balls, and roll over on your feet causing you to trip.

Daisy with the morning group while I get a good morning sniff by BFF Casey.
Recently, after just returning from vacation mom was taking me to the park when we got to the busy street where the cars don't let us cross. There was Bleu and Finola's mom Sharon walking Daisy to another car! John had gotten into a car accident coming home from the park. He pulled out in front of a car he couldn't see. We helped Sharon get Daisy in her mom's car, she wouldn't go in the back, then mom told them that she always rode in front, she got in then.  We all went to see how John was doing. He felt terrible because the accident was his fault but we were just glad that him and Daisy were okay. Daisy has been a bit of a handful for John. A lot of us in the group have been trying to give support in her training. She probably should not be off leash but she is and she still pulls terrible on the leash. Now John is the one that is just old and probably not up to training a young dog, but she has a loving home, lost of friends, and walks in the park every day.


  1. Howdy Dolly, sounds like your friend John has a great group of friends to support him and his new mate Daisy. We're glad he's ok after the accident. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    1. Hi guys! Thanks for your support! Love Dolly

  2. Wow, Dolly, it sounds like you and your mom have a great group - isn't it wonderful just how supportive and helpful two legged ones (and four legged ones for that matter!) can be. She says it restores her faith in humankind when She reads about how wondeful people can be towards each other - and to us four legged ones as well!



  3. Groucho you are so right! That's what this blog is all about! Love Dolly