Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby its cold outside!

Boy, now mom sure understands what real moms go through when their kids can't go to school or outside! We are having a bitter cold spell in snowless Chicago and mom thinks its too cold for walks. She may be right. On Saturday I had a great long play with all my friends some I hadn't seen in ages. But on Sunday it started to get really cold so I only got one afternoon walk. On Monday mom got all bundled up after lunch since I was giving her all of my signs for going on a walk, like dragging out her special walking socks. We hadn't even made it off our block and I barely had time for a quick pee when I yanked on the leash to let her know we were going home now! Tuesday still no walk at all so I am bouncing off the walls! We have made several trips outside and I have done some zoomies and let her chase me with the ball but I still just have too much energy!  I even did the walk to the gate and gave her the over the shoulder look but no walk. I am used to two hour plus walks a day, including doggie playing and fetch, now one walk in three days! I see the sun shining outside and don't understand about it being too cold for a walk.

I love the snow but so far this winter we have had only a small amount. I still get lots of walks in the snow, mom puts musher's wax on my feet to protect them from snowballing and salt. My first winter my feet would get icy and I would cry for mom's help. She'd warm my feet or carry me home. Then she heard about musher's wax and now I can stay out and play for a long time. But its not snow its the cold and since I won't wear a coat no walk. 
My first winter we had a huge blizzard! I loved playing in the snow! I even had a little coat but I outgrew it.

You think I am going to wear this?
This is my replacement that I got two Christmases ago and I wore it one or two times. This winter it is too small for me so I refused to go for my walk in it.

I must be doing a pretty good job of being annoying today, especially when mom is at the computer trying to type. So she went online and spent a lot of time trying to find the right coat for me that would fit and I would wear.
Stay tuned to see if I wear my new coats when they arrive or if I give mom one of these looks again!


  1. Wow, musher's wax is a fantastic idea! I sooo understand what you mean! Weather is a thing i deal with every day here in Quebec, especially during winter!
    See ya!

  2. Thanx Lulu! You never wore musher's wax before?

  3. Well, heres hoping you get some snow so you can go out and party, we don't get much here mostly ice when its bad, will try the musher's wax thingy,cause my paws get like ice blocks!

    Your Pals
    Sus & bites

    1. The musher's wax works really great you'll love it!

  4. You look so purrrrrty in your coats so you should wear them. Or you can come to my house where it's still all nice a warm outside!

  5. Oh Dolly, we hope it warms up soon! I know too well that feeling of being cooped up!!! A few weeks ago, we had the opposite problem - too hot! So, even though I had my long early morning walk, I wasn't allowed out for very long for my midday walk and then the evening walk, even at 8pm, would be shorter than my usual long one because it was just too hot for me! On the plus side, at least when it's hot I can go to the river or beach - no such luck when it's so cold!! We hope it warms up for you soon or at least some snow arrives for you!



  6. I so understand about it being hot! Last summer was very hot and I don't get walks in the afternoon then, plus mom hates hot and humid weather! Its snowing today but mom tried to make me wear a coat didn't get far. Just published a new post all about it. Thanks for writing! Love Dolly