Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black & White Sunday: Sunday Mornings

When I get back from my walk with mom to the park I head for Dad and his chair!


  1. Hi Dolly,
    It's very nice to meet ya! We hopped over over from PBU where we got to read a little bit about you. Now we're going to look at your blog to learn more.

    Stop on over to say hello sometime.

    Lily Belle and Muffin

    1. Hi guys thanks for stopping by I love to check out other Doxie blogs! Love Dolly xoxox

  2. Hi Dolly, love that header pic, your a cutie. Pam & Oskar over at PBU sent us. Hey, Welcome to Blogville, get tuned in a fast as you can, cause this place is full of fun, adventures and some relly crazy pups. Come by and visit, and check out our blogger list on the right side. Hop over and go visit lots of blogs. Go see Madi the Cat at Madi & Mom Down Home, she is being installed as or new Mayor. Joined your followers list so we can see what you get into.

    Your New Pals
    Susie & Officer Sidebite

  3. Hi guys thanks for stopping by! I know Madi the Cat and will visit you soon! Love Dolly xoxox.

  4. Hey there! I just passed by from PBU, and wanted to say hi! Dolly is beautiful! Who took this picture needs to become a photographer!

  5. BOL mom will think that's funny about the picture! She just learning how to use Dad's fancy camera so that's why its a good picture!