Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dolly Goes to Washington DC! Part Two

After our long drive from Chicago and an overnight stay in Chambersburg, the next morning my Mom and Dad drove a shorter distance to Gettysburg. It was a beautiful drive through the Allegheny Mountains, Caledonia State Park and we even crossed the Appalachian Trail. Just before entering Gettysburg we saw part of the national park so stopped and checked out some of the memorials. We were in an area known as McPherson's Ridge where the first battle took place.

My first look at the battlefield!

Mom and Dad liked what we saw so we drove into town to the National Park Service Visitor's Center to find out about taking the tour. At the Visitor's Center we had a long walk to a building that didn't allow dogs, so I had to sit outside with Mom, while Dad went inside. This is where the separation anxiety was starting to get to be a problem. I don't want to stay outside with either of them I want both of them to be with me so I really misbehave.  I whine and pull and try to follow Dad into the museum. Mom is very nice, she talks to me and pets me while trying to keep me sitting at her side.  That works until a stranger walks by or wants to say hello to the cute dog (me). I will growl or sometimes bark if I don't like the looks of someone. Plus Dad was already upset with how I behaved earlier when we got out of the car. I was wearing the short leash that attaches to my Kurgo harness so I was pulling everywhere if one or the other walked away to look at something. Since that didn't work mom put my new ComfortFlex harness on that she got at her favorite store for little dogs called Golly Gear. She didn't want me to wear the pinch collar so that people would think she was being mean to me.

Walking with mom to the National Park Service Visitor's Center 

After Mom and Dad were done in the Visitor's Center, and with the pack intact, we started the auto tour of the National Military Park. We'd drive a little bit then stop, sometimes Mom or Dad or both would get out, and not always take me them, which would lead to a lot of whining in the car. But when I did get out of the car I had a great time! There were lots of people around and dogs too. It was hard to keep Mom and Dad on each side of me but I tried by pulling around a lot, it was a real fight in my new harness. Mom figured out fast to just grab me by the harness and move me if I didn't want to come with her.

Mom and me at Eternal Light Peace Memorial
paying respects to lives lost in Civil War.
Little Round Top overlooking battlefields.

We took all day doing the tour then we drove for a long time again. We were in Maryland, I had never been there before! Before you knew it we stopped and mom said "We're here!" I was in Washington D.C.! I was so excited and couldn't wait too see the National Dog Park and all the monuments. Stay tuned for Part 3 of Dolly Goes to Washington DC to read how it all goes. For more information on Gettysburg and the auto tour at Gettysburg National Military Park visit We highly recommend it as a dog-friendly trip!


  1. It sounds like a pawsome adventure!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Dolly, you spended da nite so close to where I liffs! I only 15 miles from Chambersburg. Yoo gots sooper-bad sepuhrashun angzyeuhtee, duznt yoo? I'm ok as long as I haz one parent wif me. Glad yoo didn't hab to wear da pinchy collar. Izn't Gettysburg awesome. So many terrible sad fings hapend dere doe. :(

  3. 15 miles! I didn't know I was that close! It's so pretty there we drove on a scary road to get there Mom was driving. Wish we could of seen each other!