Saturday, March 9, 2013

Springing Forward!

It's that time of year again when I am going to lose another hour of sleep! I am not looking forward to it at all! I am no longer a puppy, I turn 3 years old in June, therefore I am getting a bit more lazy and don't like getting up early at all!

The "stretch"
I know mom is already planning a strategy to keep me on schedule starting tomorrow, the day we have to get up an HOUR earlier. I do not get out of bed easy, especially if Dad is still there. 

Just ignore her she'll go away!

Like she'll know it will be dark out when we should to go to the park in the morning, IF she can get me out of bed, so she'll have to dig out my LED collar again. Getting me out of bed is hard enough but it's trying to reschedule my dinnertime that will be the hardest. I love my dinnertime. Dad usually gets home at 4 p.m., Mom feeds me at 4:30. Its not unusual for me to start "The Look" as soon as Dad is settled down with his beer. My dinnertime keeps getting earlier and earlier, it used to be I waited until mom and dad had eaten before I would eat. On the weekends I can start "The Look" combined with "The Whimper" as early as 3 p.m. 

One of my "Looks"

Well, Mom does not want to feed me at 3 p.m. on Sunday! I only get fed once a day, that's ever since the vet "suggested" I was eating too much and to cut back on my food. Mom is worried that I am really hungry which is why I want to eat before my dinnertime. Well, yes, wouldn't you be if you ate once a day? She wants to start feeding me twice a day again and thinks that Sunday, after we lose an hour, would be a good time to start. In the morning, when we get back from our walk, she'll give me one half of my dry, or half a cup of my Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison, and in the evening at the new 4 p.m., she'll give me the other half of my dry with the wet Wellness Lamb, which is all that really matters to me.

Hopefully I won't gain weight! Mom is confident that if she measures carefully I'll maintain my girlish figure. I truly believe it is the animals that have the hardest time of all with Daylight Savings Time! Nobody asked us!

Do you get fed once or twice a day?
Love, Dolly the Doxie (mix)


  1. Ohhhhh Dolly, with looks like that you should be getting fed anytime you want. We get fed once a day at 5:30 pm, but at 8:30 pm we come in for some snacks. Yep that getting up early sure id a tough thing to do!

    Your Pals
    Susie & bites

    1. You guys are really sweet! I get snacks all day long and I am still waiting for dinner! Love Dolly

  2. our old Pip is fed twice a day , once in the morning and once at night same as me. It works for us. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Yep most of my friends at the park get fed twice a day and they always make mom feel guilty, rightly so, for only feeding me once a day! Love Dolly

  3. You really are part Doxie! Chester and Gretel start in on me up to two hours before actual meal time :) At least with the clock change, that means they will start harassing me at 5 am instead of 4 am!

  4. The more mom gets to know everyone else's Doxies the more she recognizes them in me, like wanting my dinner! So hopefully with the time change and a small breakfast I won't be asking for it too soon! Love Dolly

  5. Dolly, I'm with you on that once a day thing! I Meow for my food all times..
    no schedule here. And, this time thing...why don't they stop messing with mother nature...the boneheads! Meow...

  6. Yes we know cats eat all the time! So mom had to get used to feeding a dog on a schedule, we are way easier than cats! Love Dolly

  7. Woof! Woof! One reason I'll be taking a longg nap today. YUM! a schedule and the right measurement is very important.

  8. Hi Dolly! Around here we all get fed twice a day. However, Y-Bo doesn't have near the weight problem as some other four-legged animals around do. (Or some two-legged creatures, for that matter.) Good luck with maintaining your weight. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon!