Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Visit to Santa Clause

Looking a little sheepish after being afraid of Santa Clause!
Sunday was a typical day for me. In the morning Mom took me for a walk to the park. It had been rainy for the last couple of days so it was still wet out but no rain. Lots of my friends were there, Marlena and Bea, so we started playing right away. I was wet and muddy in no time. As soon as we got home mom opened the back door and I tried my usual bolt up the stairs but no! Mom pulled me back and down the stairs to the basement. Bath! So I got a bath just when I was nice and dirty. I am always good when I get a bath even though I don't really like them. As soon as we get upstairs I do lots of zoomies and like to tug on the towel and make them chase me so I can't be dried. Then I mooch for several treats for my good behavior. It wasn't long before I was passed out in the chair with dad waiting for football to start. I think mom was getting ready to go somewhere but I was too tired to care. Just when I thought that I heard "Dolly, want to go for a ride in the car?" I jumped out of that chair so fast I was at the door in seconds. We went for a nice drive to a pet store I hadn't been to before. I should have become suspicious when I let mom put on my holiday scarf in the car. As I was doing some nose level shopping I looked up and there was a very scary man with a beard talking to mom. She handed him something and he was trying to get me to come over to him. He had treats! I grabbed the one on the floor but that was it. Mom tried to pull me towards him, not! I did my sit down move, which means I am not going anywhere, they were up to something and I wanted no part of it. Even more suspicious was another man standing there with a camera what the heck is going on? Well they got the message and left. We started to shop again but we were walking right towards him! Beard man was sitting down when mom tried to pick me up! Oh no! She tried to hand me to him. I fought back and was put down on the floor. Whew that was a close one. When we got home dad asked mom how it went. "You were right," was all she said.


  1. Hahahahaha! That's esactly how Missy imagines a trip to Santa with me would go! U made Missy laugh! We loved the end of the story.... "You were right"! Hahahaha! Missy is not even gunna try for a Santa pic now! Zalithedog

  2. Glad that I saved Missy some trouble! Love Dolly